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WaterCampus Leeuwarden facilitates your innovation and helps you develop your business!

Do you have the ambition to take your company to the next level in the coming years? Or do you want to start your own company? Do you work in the field of water technology or a related sector? Great! We can help each other! Who are we? We are WaterCampus Leeuwarden. WaterCampus is the largest water technology hub in Europe. A unique place where research, education, knowledge and entrepreneurship in water technology come together. The ideal breeding ground to start or further develop your water tech company.

Why should you be part of WaterCampus?
Of course you want to develop your organization in an environment where you have the highest chance of success. At WaterCampus you will find all you need to bring your company to a higher level.

Currently, 271 companies and 29 knowledge institutions are connected to WaterCampus. Since the start in 2003, dozens of companies and innovations have emerged from the WaterCampus ecosystem. More than 2,500 employees now work on and around the campus in the Northern Netherlands. In the global network of affiliated companies this is the multiple. In other words, we always have the right people in our network to help you! We also go further than just water technology. We have bundled all the knowledge and experience at WaterCampus to turn innovative ideas into successful breakthrough innovations.

Interested to learn more about entrepreneurship at WaterCampus?
Please contact Ronald Wielinga our manager entrepreneurship on +31 6 121 38 876 or r.wielinga@watercampus.nl.

To be successful, every organization, large and small, must have access to:

There is an integrated program at WaterCampus and within the Northern Netherlands innovation ecosystem that offers you, as an ambitious organization, the right support for all these pillars. Please select the subject of your choice below.

Access to talented people

WaterCampus offers education programs in science and entrepreneurship to increase the availability of skilled talent on all educational levels.

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Access to market

WaterCampus gives companies access to the most connected water technology network in the world.

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Access to capital

At WaterCampus companies have access to a variety of investors and funds to help them start-up and scale-up (inter)nationally

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Access to knowledge

WaterCampus is the gateway to all knowledge and networks necessary to turn an innovative idea into a breakthrough innovation.

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Access to state-of-the-art facilities

WaterCampus offers access to unique physical facilities necessary to optimally develop, scale-up and launch innovations to market.

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Access to...more

WaterCampus is at the heart of the innovation ecosystem in the North of the Netherlands, offering a lot more support.

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NEW stands for Netherlands Enabling Water technology. Wetsus, University of Groningen, Deltares and NOM are joining forces in this program. A program that will invest 8 million euro’s in knowledge valorization the coming years.

Do you want to know more about starting a business in water technology, or further develop your company? This is what NEW ttt has to offer for you

The NEW-ttt is partly financed by a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Interviews with stakeholders

Every month Ronald Wielinga talks to inspirators. People that play a prominent role in the field of entrepreneurship and/or in the water technology sector. Why? He is responsible for entrepreneurship at  WaterCampus. He uses these conversations to reflect on the WaterCampus entrepreneurship program. This to continuously improve the program. He loves to share his insights with you and therefore you can find an overview of the interviews here.

Success stories

We assume that the information on the website has made you enthusiastic about (joining) WaterCampus. But as they say: the proof is in the pudding. Here are some success stories of companies that emerged from or joined WaterCampus and are (on their way to become) successful.

Are you open to being supported by top entrepreneurs, professionals and experts in Europe’s most connected water technology network for two years? Then we advise you to register for the WaterCampus Growth Program.

What can you expect? For example, be connected with your launching customer, be included in a (European) project, or participate in our accelerator.

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