Access to market

An invention can only be successful if it offers a solution to market demand. But what is this market demand? Where do you find your customers, and how do you bridge the gap between an interested prospect and a paying customer? On top of that, customers are only one side of the business. Where do you find partners who can help you produce your product or who can include your product in their sales portfolio?

We are happy to help! Interested?
Please contact Ronald Wielinga our manager entrepreneurship on +31 6 121 38 876 or or read more below.

WaterCampus is the most connected water technology network and innovation ecosystem in Europe! We will help you by:

  • Get insight into the market potential and market demand for your innovation;
  • Connect you with (launching) customers;
  • Making connections with possible partners;
  • Present your innovation to a wide audience.

See below some examples of market access support.


The Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award (WIS Award) challenges entrepreneurs (including startups) to present their most innovative product. The winner of this prize receives help in putting its innovative product in the international spotlight. Over the years, the competition has grown into a breeding ground for golden ideas and sometimes sets the stage for an international breakthrough.

One such breakthrough came after Leeuwarden-based Hydraloop (small-scale home and office water recycling systems) won the WIS Award in 2018. The company not only won the main prize—good for €10,000 in marketing support—but was immediately buried in an avalanche of international media attention after the win. It resulted in them winning CES 2020. The company now produces for numerous customers worldwide and has secured funding to fuel further international growth.

Enterprise Europe Network

Water Alliance is a partner in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). This network encompasses more than 50 countries worldwide. EEN supports SMEs worldwide seeking international collaboration or interested in entering new markets. EEN also helps answer questions that you and your SME may face when seeking to expand your business activities abroad, such as questions about European law and regulations and sourcing financed. Via EEN, the Water Alliance gives you access to a global network of experts, specialists and, above all, contacts with potential business partners.

For more details and information please contact Liesbeth Omvlee.

Startup in Residence

Start-up in Residence North of the Netherlands is an innovative collaboration between governments and startups. The program connects start-ups to challenges in the North of the Netherlands. The six month program offers start-ups an intensive training program and the support of professional coaches/mentors. The governments that brought in the challenge will become launching customer or partner for the start-ups. In the North of the Netherlands, the SIR program often focuses on water-related challenges. WaterCampus is linked to the program via our partner Founded in Friesland.