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Thank you for taking an interest in the WaterCampus. The WaterJobs portal is exclusively available for members and relations of the WaterCampus parties Wetsus, CEW, CIV and Water Alliance. With this portal, we aim to bundle the growing ambitions of companies within the water sector with (specialized) talent looking for new opportunities in the field.

How to become a member?


How can organizations join Wetsus? – Wetsus

In the Wetsus cooperation model, a distinction is made between company, platform and know-how institute participants, as described below. Specific IP rights for each participation form are part of the Wetsus IPR regulations. For the available participation forms, dedicated model agreements for cooperation in the Wetsus program are available (interested parties can contact Johannes Boonstra,

Water Alliance

Water Alliance mainly focuses on the business side of the water sector. We are particularly interesting for companies active in the water market that are willing to collaborate, network and are looking for that key piece of extra market and/or knowledge. The members are mostly SME’s, small and midsized companies.

Based on market demand, personal conversations but also during member meetings we tune in and anticipate their needs. We organize events with different content (webinars/seminars, matchmaking) preferably together with our members. Together with our members we discuss which international events might be of interest to them and draw up a programme accordingly. We try to endorse /promote our members as wide as possible by means of articles in our magazine WaterProof, but also via our (inter)national newsletters. We make a vast effort to connect our members as much as possible to, for example, to case studies; to interesting (inter)national network/cross-over organizations; to (subsidized) projects or other interesting matters.

Additional benefits:

  • You can use WaterJobs for free;
  • As a member of the Water Alliance, you can play an active role in events such as the annual WaterLink symposium;
  • Listing in the exclusive member booklet. This is distributed in digital and printed form worldwide;
  • You can join the projects that we accelerate and manage. 

All benefits of membership can be found on our website, or contact Hein Molenkamp at

Centre of Expertise Water technology (CEW)

The Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), conducts applied research for companies that want to take the next step towards a sustainable and circular economy. CEW does this together with over 200 students each year, who contribute their latest insights and fresh ideas, supplemented with the knowledge and experience of CEW researchers and applied research professors.

With the support of CEW, technologies can be developed and demonstrated from lab scale to full scale. By conducting applied research, CEW accelerates innovation and at the same time trains future employees for the water technology sector. The tailor made approach of CEW can support most needs of SME’s, end-users, industries and public organisations. For more information, contact Länk Vaessen:

Centrum voor Innovatief Vakmanschap Water (CIV )

CIV WATER The Centre for Innovative Water Craftsmanship focusses on educating employees and students to a vocational level in the field of water. Working with educational institutions as well as governmental agencies such as Wetterskip Fryslân (the Frisian Water Board) and Vitens (a water organization based in the north of the Netherlands), we aim to contribute to the development of outstanding water professionals, not only in the region of Fryslân, but also nationally and internationally.

We do so by organizing courses for professionals with our water partners. The knowledge of these professionals forms the basis of our courses; professionals share knowledge by educating each other. These new insights are used in our vocational courses. CIV Water is located at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden.

CIV Water participates in the European project Platform of Vocational Excellence: PoVE Water.

CIV Water is located at WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. Please contact Pieter Hoekstra: for more information.