The story of Hydraloop and the WaterCampus started early 2017. That is the moment that contact was established between WaterCampus and Hydraloop. Hydraloop already developed their unique technology from their garage in Muiderberg (the Netherlands) and was actively looking for possibilities to enter the market. Hydraloop was immediately impressed by the facilities WaterCampus offered and the strong international network and decided to take an office on WaterCampus in the Business Center Johannes de Doper. In this way they could make optimal use of the innovation eco-system on the WaterCampus.

Via the Investment and Development Agency for the North of the Netherlands (NOM) who also have an office at WaterCampus, Hydraloop came into contact with Technologies Added in Emmen, a shared smart factory for SMEs, where the Hydraloop systems are produced.  The first products where delivered in February 2018 and installed in a pilot in the Blitsaerd residential area in Leeuwarden. This is a great example of the intensive cooperation between the various organizations in the WaterCampus ecosystem. In this case it was the municipality of Leeuwarden to understand the importance for a start-up to have a launching customer.

In 2018 Hydraloop became the proud winner of the WIS-award. As a winner of this prize Hydraloop got extra support to put their innovative product in the international spotlight. In a period of 2 years, Hydraloop presented itself at 26 trade fairs world wide. Some of them together with the Water Alliance. Some highlights of the international adventure:

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 2018, where Water Alliance organized a Holland pavilion. During this fair Hydraloop won the Innovation Award and thus received a lot of attention in the gulf region.
  • Barcelona, Spain, November 2018, where Hydraloop was presented at IWater.
  • Chicago, USA, September 2019, where Hydraloop joined the Weftec. During the WIS-award in Leeuwarden (2018) Water Alliance introduced Hydraloop to The Water Council in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). The Water Council is part of the Global Water Tech Hub Alliance, an initiative of among others Water Alliance. During a Water Tech Hub Tour in the days after the Weftec, Hydraloop became Water Council member and started their first office in the USA;
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2019, where Hydraloop was part of the Holland Innovation Park that is organized by the Water Alliance in the Holland Pavilion.

In January 2020 it suddenly goes fast when Hydraloop takes part in a major Dutch mission with the 50 most innovative tech start-ups of the Netherlands at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. CES is the global stage for innovation. An event with 200.000 visitors and around 20.000 different innovations that compete to become not only winner in their own category of innovations but also “Best of the Best”. During the CES, Hydraloop received several innovation awards (Best Innovation, Best Start Up, Best Sustainable Product) and is named the overall winner, “Best of the Best”, among giants such as Samsung, Sony and many others. This is not only a success for Hydraloop, it also reflects to Dutch innovation ecosystem. For the first time in the history of CES the spotlight goes to a more environmentally-oriented innovation. For Hydraloop it is a breakthrough in international fame. Orders are coming in from all over the world. To enable the growth of the company it is necessary to attract capital. As part of their search for this capital, Hydraloop also got the possibility to present themselves at the Finance Table Friesland.

Via the Water Alliance, which was involved as a partner in the documentary Brave Blue World, attention has also been paid to Hydraloop as one of the innovative solutions for using our scarce drinking water in a smarter way. This documentary can be seen on Netflix.

As a fast growing organization the office of Hydraloop in the Business Centre became to small. Therefore they moved from the Business Centre to a larger office on the WaterCampus in the Wetsus building. They share this building with Wetsus, CEW and CIV-Water and they are strongly scaling up production and staff. A bright future lies ahead for Hydraloop. 

Interested to become successful too?
Please contact Ronald Wielinga our manager entrepreneurship via +31 6 121 38 876 or r.wielinga@watercampus.nl or read more below.

About Hydraloop

Every day, more and more people experience water stress. The only way our planet can renew freshwater is through rainfall on land. But the amount of rainfall is far less than the amount of water people withdraw from earth. After decades of intensive urbanization, deforestation, water diversion and industrial farming, our planet is drying out and groundwater levels are dropping. Humanity is facing a water crisis like never before.

Hydraloop gives our valuable water a second life by collecting, cleaning and re-using the water from showers, baths, washing machines, handbasins and air conditioning units. The water Hydraloop produces is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected. It can be re-used for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation and topping up swimming pools.