Why should you join WaterCampus?

Of course you want to develop your organization in an environment where you have the highest change to bring it to a success. At WaterCampus you will find all you need to bring your company to a higher level. After all, WaterCampus is the largest water technology ecosystem in Europe.

Currently, more then 250 companies and around 30 knowledge institutions are connected to the WaterCampus. Since the start in 2004, dozens of companies and innovations have emerged from the WaterCampus ecosystem. More than 2,500 employees now work on and around the campus in the Northern Netherlands. In the worldwide network of affiliated organisations this is the multiple. In other words, we always have the right people in our network to help you!

We go further than just water technology!

Water technology is by nature a cross-sectoral sector and is applied in the field of drinking water, waste water, health, chemistry, agriculture, food and energy. Water technology is an enabling technology for these sectors. At WaterCampus we contribute in solving world wide challenges such as climate change, aging infrastructure and shortage in raw materials and at the same time create and strengthen frontrunners in the field of water technology.

At WaterCampus we set-up an integrated program that supports you to create real impact at international level. Together we can become and stay frontrunners!

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