WaterCampus is an example for Korean water council

A delegation from K-Water and KWWA (Korean Water and Wastewater Works Association) came to visit the Water Campus Leeuwarden to learn more about how the Dutch Innovation Ecosystem for Water Technologies helps Dutch SME to bring innovative Water technologies to the market.

Their main interest was to learn more about the support from the Water Alliance in helping the SME to become more successful. Alex Berhitu (Manager Business Development, Water Alliance) explains that it is more than only a list of facilities and financial support: “The Key is in making the companies successful.”

The Korean government have made a large sum of money available to create a water cluster similar to the WaterCampus Leeuwarden. Eric Vos (Province of Fryslân), also present at the meeting, confirms that over the years a large sum of money has also been invested in the WaterCampus. But with an ambition to create economic growth and jobs thus successful companies. “The Province of Frysland and the City of Daegu are about to sign an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to underline the relationship between the two waterclusters,” Vos says.

After the intense discussions, time has come to walk around the Water Campus to see the action. Ms. Wi (director, water industry team, KWWA) was impressed on what she saw. “we are at the start and will learn from what you have achieved with the WaterCampus, a shining example. If our startups grow to a point where they are looking to enter the European market, they should definitely consider the Water Campus”.