WaterCampus Growth Program

At WaterCampus we created the right conditions and instruments to allow startups to emerge and/ or grow in our ecosystem. Together we bring your  invention to an innovation and successful business. This by offering you all the support you need. From talent programs to state-of-the-art facilities. And from capital to market. We do this all in an environment where there can be symbiosis between different organizations. Especially for startups we offer a 2 year support program: WaterCampus Growth Program.

Please contact Ronald Wielinga our manager entrepreneurship via +31 6 121 38 876 or r.wielinga@watercampus.nl or read more below.

During this 2 year period you will be sharing an office with other selected start-ups. These offices are in the middle of the WaterCampus. Added value is that you can easily share experiences with other start-ups. We regularly evaluate the program 1: 1 as well as with the other startups and adjust it where necessary. Quality guaranteed!

A standard program? Of course not. No startup is the same. Together we create a tailor-made program for your organization and the ambitions you have. The program is open to relevant start-ups in the North of the Netherlands or start-ups that (commit to) establish themselves at WaterCampus. Start-ups can enroll in the Growth Program at any time.

Selection criteria

The following selection criteria apply to the program:

  • Team:
    • Diversity and quality of the team;
    • Awareness of missing competences (and willingness to do something about this);
  • Attractiveness in the market:
    • Uniqueness of the innovation;
    • Scalability;
    • Power of the business model;
  • Feasibility / practicability
    • Availability of capital;
    • Feasibility within the framework of regulations;
    • Technical feasibility;
  • TRL level (must be between 4 and 7)