Bolsward’s revolutionary algae production center receives NEW-ttt funding

The edible algae, Spirula, production company I AM ALGAE is about to scale up thanks to the funding of various parties, including NEW. They challenge current production of Spirulina by providing fresh frozen cubes instead of the less-healthy well-established powders and pills. “Our goal is to be able to provide consumers wherever and whenever with fresh algae.”

“We developed a technique to grow algae continually and sustainably on artificial light.” CEO Filips Jager explains, “we sometimes say we have been able to hack light.” They can grow algae all year round in fact. It is this innovation has brought the young start-up under the attention of NEW.

I Am Algea – Team – fltr Filips Jager, Jarno Stel en Henk Jan Hulshof

Jager hopes to contribute to the rapid food transition with I AM ALGAE. “We’re amidst a protein transition from animal to plant based. Our product perfectly fits in there.” he says. And they can do it rapidly too. Jager expects a proper plant to open at the start of next year.

Then a real kick-of can take place, and costumers can enjoy their water-grown greens. “Our fresh algae have a nice fresh taste to them. That is important, but so are the ease of use and the fact that it is healthy. The Spirulina will be delivered in small frozen chucks, like people know it from spinach. And we are convinced that the demand for it will quickly rise.

Curious? visit I-AM-ALGAE.eu.

This article is a rewritten piece from Kunstlicht is het hart van ‘algenfabriek’ in Bolsward. Check nom.nl for more detailed information (Dutch only).

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