On Thursday 28 September we welcomed 15 enthusiastic student (age 13-14) at Wetsus for the Honours Program Selection Day. All 15 candidates applied for a position in our program 2017-2018. Sadly we can`t offer each student a position and so a selection procedure was organized. The selection is based on their motivation letter, an interview and the Egg-Challenge.
In teams the students had to design an object, containing a raw egg that needed to be dropped down in the atrium, about 12 meters high. The lightest design that preserved the egg won this challenge. A great audience of Wetsus employees and coincidentally Olympic champion swimmer Pieter van den Hoogenband cheered for the egg-challenge participants.
Team ‘Curiosity’ won the famous challenge but all kids enjoyed the selection day. (not only the high-school students….).
A part of the group will be welcomed in the Wetsus Honours Program. Now all there is left, is the difficult task to select 9 out of the 15 kids present. From next week on Wetsus will start again with the Honours Program. We look forward to welcome them in our labs every Thursday afternoon.