Webinar Artificial Intelligence in Water Technology

City: Online
Time: 15:30
Date: 11 February - 11 February

Have you ever considered that the ever-larger amounts of data can be transformed into new insights about our surrounding world? On our upcoming webinar on the 11th of February, 15.30 – 17.15, we will address Artificial Intelligence in Water Technology.
The management of the water infrastructures carrying high quality water in large quantities has already large benefits from novel and automated ways to collect, process, and transform data into information. Predicting upcoming malfunctions is one of them.
During this webinar we will learn about some more examples and go deeper in this fascinating world. Our invited speakers are prof.dr.ir. Peter Baltus from the Technical University of Eindhoven, dr.ir. Mark Roest from VORtech and Caspar Geelen MSc, PhD researcher at Wetsus.

More info can be found here. You can register via the following link.

After registration you will receive a link to the livestream of the webinar in the week before the event.