WaterCampus Business Challenge 2022

City: Leeuwarden
Country: The Netherlands
Date: 16 May - 20 May

The European WaterCampus Business Challenge (EWCBC) is an excellent 5-day training program for talented entrepreneurs (to be) in which they learn how to translate good innovative technologies and services into a successful international business. On the last day the participants will present their business plan to a jury of water technology experts and investors.

Candidates are selected on the basis of their innovation potential, contribution to sustainability and market readiness. Selected candidates are positioned to become the global front-runner in their field. For the whole week (including accommodation, food and beverages costs) the attendance fee for the participants is € 650,- (excl. VAT and travel costs). This low fee allows startups, PhD and employees from medium sized companies with entrepreneurial ambitions to participate easier. The regional government, Wetsus and other partners sponsor the remainder of the cost.

Please sign up for the 11th edition of the EWCBC and meet peers, talk with innovative corporations and get the opportunity to pitch for serious investors, launching customers and technology partners.