Water Tech Europe trade fair

City: WTC Expo Leeuwarden
Country: Netherlands
Date: 19 September - 22 September

The place to discover the future of water!

Water Tech Europe is the trade fair for the water top sector in the Capital of Water Technology Leeuwarden. It is the place for professionals working on solutions for tomorrow’s water issues: sustainable water supply for everyone, wastewater treatment and reuse, clean and safe drinking water, recycling, energy production and new water sources. Organised by WTC Expo Leeuwarden in close cooperation with WaterCampus (Wetsus, Center of Expertise Water Technology and Water Alliance). More than 250 national and international companies are linked to the WaterCampus Leeuwarden, where science, knowledge institutes, business, and education work together on the future of water around the world.

more information can be found here, if you want to sign up for a unique spot on the trade floor, you can do so here.

During the trade fair the Congress European Water Technology Week 2022 also takes place, which is not the same event. Both are of course complementary, visitors of the EWTW have free admittance to the Water Tech Europe trade fair.

During this second European Water Technology Week, corporate and innovation leaders from companies, universities and government bodies will meet in the cutting-edge environment of WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

In 2018, the first edition of the EWTW attracted more than 1.000 participants from 38 countries. EWTW will include the assembly of the Global Water Tech Hub Alliance, the Wetsus Congress 2022, an international business programme initiated by Water Alliance, and a trade fair. Policy, education, science, corporate development and export: all aspects of innovation will be integrated in the congress programme and the trade fair. Don’t miss this unique event.