Business Development Course 2021 (day 1)

City: Online
Time: 16:00
Date: 24 February - 24 February

The aim of Wetsus is the development of talents and ideas, resulting in breakthrough technologies with high social impact. There is no doubt that our researchers and professionals are key to creating these breakthrough technologies. However, an invention can only become an innovation when it is successfully applied and actually contributing in solving complex world water problems. Only then we can make real impact on society and science. To achieve this we teach researchers and professionals to translate their research results into solutions that can be valorized. The Business Development Course is exactly focused on reaching this result.

Find your co-founder?

We all know that we can create the highest impact by bringing people together with complementary knowledge and experience. That is why we set-up a cooperation with the master program Sustainable Entrepreneurship from the Campus Fryslân (University of Groningen). These students know all about knowledge-valorisation and setting up (circular) business models. How great for them if they can work with a concrete case! During the Business Development Course we will connect the researchers and professionals with the students from Sustainable Entrepreneurship.  How great would it be if the is the start of a future cooperation.

Please connect with Ronald Wielinga for more information about the program.