EU-project PoVE Water scores ‘very good’ in Europe

At the beginning of June, PoVE Water received the final evaluation of the European PoVE Water project from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). PoVE Water achieved a score of 92 out of 100 points! “We are very proud”, responds Pieter Hoekstra, programme manager CIV Water. “It is an absolutely fantastic result. We look forward to continuing the project over the next four years with even more partners.”

The final report of the European Commission was very laudatory about the project. It read: “The PoVE Water Alliance has implemented all planned activities in accordance with its original aims and objectives. The project outcomes are highly relevant for the European water sector and are fully aligned with major European policies and initiatives in the fields of vocational education and training and with policies in the European water sector, such as the Pact for Skills, the European Green Deal and the Water Reuse Regulation.”

PoVE Water has strengthened cooperation with European partners from Latvia, the Czech Republic, Malta, the Netherlands and Scotland. For example, tools have been developed, which can be downloaded for free at The Committee writes: “The project partnership and cooperation arrangement were well suited to fully engage all project partners throughout the project lifetime and beyond in the co-design and execution of the project. There was a good positive team spirit in the project and the partners shared the common vision.”


In early 2022, PoVE Water was awarded a four million euro grant from the Erasmus+ programme. This is an award for a four-year scale-up with a total of 23 partners. In September 2022, the kick-off of the continuation of the project will take place in Malta.

Source: CEW