Eight high potentials at the WaterCampus

On Monday, 10 April, we received eight ‘high potentials’ from various countries at the WaterCampus. They are scouting the Dutch market, in search of solutions to water-related issues in their own countries.

High potentials are promising talents in their home countries, and include engineers, doctors, and government employees. The visitors came from very different countries, each with their own set of water issues: Malaysia, India, Kenya, South Africa, Colombia, Ghana, Egypt, and Iran. The central theme of this mission was: drinking water, wastewater, and sanitation.

After the reception in the Johannes de Doper Business Centre at the WaterCampus, Water Alliance managing director Hein Molenkamp gave a presentation on innovative and sustainable water technology in the Netherlands. He also explained the WaterCampus’ structure and what we do for the water technology sector.

Potential relationships

After the general presentations, two of our members, Solteq Energy and DWP (Dutch Water Partners) were given the opportunity to pitch their product. Two products which could solve some of the issues faced by the high potentials’ countries. There immediately seemed to be a lot of interest from the visitors. Many business cards were exchanged after the presentations.

After the morning program in the Johannes de Doper Business Centre at the WaterCampus, it was time to move on to Wetsus, where the high potentials were given a tour and talked with PhD students. In the afternoon, the delegation also visited the ‘WaterSchoon’ project in Sneek, by DeSaH (sister company of Landustrie, member of the Water Alliance), and Paques (member of the Water Alliance) in Balk.

We regularly receive high potentials, which has led to collaboration on multiple occasions already. This visit was part of a ten-day mission organised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).