Dutch Water Partners: drinking water from sea water for St. Maarten

Innovating in water technology is often a long and difficult task. And sometimes years of diligence are rewarded with beautiful innovations that benefit the planet. However, entrepreneur Peter Bulsing from Dutch Water Partners (DWP, member of the Water Alliance) prefers practical solutions that can be quickly implemented in areas where they are needed, such as St Maarten. Right after this Caribbean Island was struck by hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma hit St Maarten

Everyone knows that Hurricane Irma paralysed the island of St. Maarten and that rapid action needed to be taken. That’s why the ‘Dutch governmental Interdepartmental Commission for Crisis Management’ called Dutch Water Partners to ask whether they could help with production of drinking water. “We started up the plant in Leeuwarden”, says Michel Verlaan from DWP. In cooperation with Dutch based Hatenboer Water, the company is currently providing three units that produce drinking water from sea water with the help of membranes, among other things. Dutch water technology is hence delivering at least 100,000 litres of water per day to St. Maarten.