Dutch companies nominated for SPLASH finale

Four Dutch companies were nominated for the SPLASH Innovation competition finale, which was held during Porto Water Innovation week at the end of September. Two members of the Water Alliance were among the four Dutch companies: BLUE-Tec and Brightwork.

Osmosis technology

BLUE-tec developed a orward Osmosis technology, a new membrane technology for concentrating fluid flows in an energy-efficient manner. With this technology it is possible to replace conventional evaporators, thereby reducing energy use by half and also decreasing the investment required.

New monitoring tool

Together with  Canadian based company Ingu Solutions, Brightwork is introducing a new monitoring tool for inspections in water purification systems, transport lines and reservoirs. The tool is especially of interest to water authorities and drinking water companies. “Xploring WiseMotes are robust, small mobile sensors the size of a golf ball that can track the behaviour of fluid in piping, reservoirs and even open waters,” says Director Hans Wouters.

You can monitor the acceleration, rotation, pressure, temperature and magnetic field using the ‘golf balls’, and the weight of the balls can also be adapted to the fluid.  “Thanks to Xploring Wisemotes’ efforts, the status of existing systems can be ascertained more accurately, new systems can be developed more effectively and a valuable contribution can be made to validation of (CFD) models,” says the company.