CEO of Haya Water in Oman visits the WaterCampus

On Wednesday, 26 April the Water Alliance received visitors from Oman. The CEO of Haya Water, Eng. Hussain Hassan Ali Abdul Hussain, was in the Netherlands to take a look at Dutch innovations in the area of water technology and to explore what water technology suppliers in the Netherlands could have to offer Haya Water.

Haya Water is active in making water technology in the Muscat region of Oman greener and healthier. One of the most important topics and challenges the company faces is the recycling of water in the desert-like region. Haya has the largest water recycling project in the Gulf region.

The visit to the WaterCampus was part of a more extensive visit to the Netherlands. In addition to a presentation about the WaterCampus given by Hein Molenkamp, Managing Director of the Water Alliance, at the Business Centre Johannes de Doper, there was a visit to the Water Application Centre. Afterwards, there was a working lunch with presentations by Berghof Membranes, Brightwork, the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW) and Wetsus. Then in the afternoon the group also paid a visit to Paques in Balk.