Ambassadors on a visit in Fryslân

On Monday, 15 October, WaterCampus welcomed a delegation of over 40 ambassadors, counsellors and Chargé d’Affaires from different countries all over the world. The group of representatives had a visit to the Province of Friesland in order to explore all that the region has to offer. A visit to the WaterCampus, therefore, couldn’t be left out.


After tasting ‘oranjekoek’- a traditional Friesian sweet- and listening to a brief introduction on our culture, the representatives were guided to the renown ‘Red Room’ by Hein Molenkamp, director of Water Alliance. The delegates, varying from countries as Sri Lanka and the Vatican to Bolivia and the Phillipines, were very impressed by the look of the business centre. The reception started with a presentation, where Molenkamp used practical examples by entrepreneurs and explained more about the WaterCampus’ innovation chain. After that, another presentation was held by dr. Henk Miedema (theme coordinator dehydration at Wetsus) to tell more about Wetsus.

The delegation was then brought to Wetsus, where a guided tour to the laboratory was organized. After that, the departure left for Wouda Pumping Station in Lemmer. As the largest working steam pumping station in the world, Wouda pumping station still plays a vital role in the Frisian water system to this day and has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list since 1998.