an intern with a background in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering for an Internship: Reusability of adsorbent and regeneration solution for phosphate removal

Period: ≥4.5 months.
Allowance: conform with educational level, travel costs can be discussed.
Supervisors: Raimonda Buliauskaitė, Pim de Jager
Analytical equipment that will be used during the internship includes modern Thermo Scientific iCAP
PRO ICP-OES, ion chromatography and brand new spectrophotometer DR3900 HACH.

Project Description
Excess amounts of phosphorus lead to eutrophication of surface waters and biofouling/biogrowht issues in industrial water systems. Adsorption has the potential to reduce phosphate (PO4/3-) levels in waters
below 10 µg P/L which could help to prevent eutrophication and undesirable biofouling/biogrowht.
Furthermore, phosphorus is also an essential nutrient for all life forms and is a finite resource that makes
phosphorus recovery very important. Adsorption is a reversible process that allows for the adsorbent reuse via regeneration with NaOH and thereby allowing for phosphate recovery (reuse as a fertilizer). In order to improve the economic efficiency of adsorption technology reusability of adsorbent and a regeneration solution for phosphate removal needs to be studied and optimized.