Bio-energy technologist

Bio-energy technologist | Doetinchem | University | 5+ years experience | 32 – 40 hours

Do you want to contribute to a circular economy by developing renewable energy solutions? Do you enjoy working in a challenging environment with access to the latest technology? We want to hear from you!

As a bio-energy technologist, you’’ll take on a challenging and important position to answer the customer demand with our new and existing technologies. You are an individual with the necessary knowledge in the field of organic residual streams. For example, sludge and waste products from the food industry and wastewater. You will make proposals relating to the optimization of our existing technology and/or developing new techniques. Together, with a large team consisting of technologists and consultants from all around the world, you will have the freedom and responsibility to combine knowledge and to discuss solutions. You will advise and guide clients towards the most effective solutions regarding organic residual streams, (waste)water treatment, resource recovery, and process optimization. This will be centered around technical, economic, and sustainability criteria. You are skilled individual with knowledge of design, and are able to communicate effectively to advise the customer and find an optimal solution.
You’ll be responsible for the following:
• Performing consulting services such as technical and financial feasibility studies, innovative concept development, system choices, (circular) process design and techno-economic evaluation. As well as smart data usage, process optimization, operational business support and troubleshooting.
• Intensive collaboration with the sales team by providing advice and information on technical solutions. Together, you are responsible for preparing project plans and arriving at a winning solution.
• Making design calculations of complex plants for processing organic residuals, wastewater, and resource recovery, including mass balances and Opex estimates.
• Supervise lab and pilot research, review and report test results, and translate them into customer-specific applications.
• Conducting on-site surveys to deliver process technology consulting projects.
• Translating theoretical knowledge and research results into (new) technological designs (a.o. PFD and P&IDs) and ensuring a successful market introduction of these products.
• Technical reporting of the feasibility studies, recording design principles in notes or in log sheets.