Water/ wastewater / Water for Reuse and risk managment; Solutions based in nature for water management;

– I defend a leadership based on strategic planning, transversal to the organization and to a medium-long term conjuncture; – I believe in management by objectives, and that organizations can only ensure sustainability if there is a serious assessment of their performance and their human capital, supported by well-defined objectives and targets and monitored using performance indicators. – In full harmony and agreement with the global objectives established by UNESCO for sustainable development; – Defender of participatory citizenship and the promotion of partnerships as an element that enhances development; – I strongly defend a public administration that defends the citizen, but above all, committed to the training of its human capital; – I believe that teamwork and the cooperation of all stakeholders will be the driving force for change and the essential tool for continuous improvement; – I defend the values of ethics, responsibility and commitment and, at the same time, firm and effective accountability and punishment of all those who transgress. – I am a cheerful, dynamic, assertive and responsible person. Demanding with myself and with those who collaborate with me! Little tolerant of lack of rigor and pride.

– 2021 Specialization in Management and Rehabilitation of Urban Hydraulic Infrastructures – 2013 Postgraduate in Quality Management and Food Safety; – 2003 Graduation Degree in Biotechnological Engineering (WO); – 1992 Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, Food Production branch (HBO).

– 2022 “GRANULAR FILTERS FROM DESIGN TO OPERATION” – 2020 “DESIGN OF DRINKING WATER TREATMENT STATIONS” – 2020 “Cleaning, disinfection and control of reservoirs and water systems” – 2020 “Leadership, Team Management and People Development” – 2020 “AQUA+ Auditors and Consultants for Water Efficiency in Residential Buildings” – 2016 “Risk Management according to ISO 31000” – 2013 “Indicators and Strategic Performance” – 2005 “Senior Technician of Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work” – 2005 “7th Dam Operation and Safety Course”

Automation skills
Only from the user’s point of view.

Laatste werkervaring
Senior Biotechnology Technician at the Municipal Services of Peniche.

Netherlands spoken and written: Moedertaal
English spoken and written: Moedertaal
Other language: Portuguese, native and Spanish

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