Water treatment technician, Environmental Engineer, R&D Engineer, Wastewater treatment

Short introduction

I am a sensitive, sensible and empathic person. I enjoy exploring nature, learning from my surroundings, and meeting people from different cultures. I would describe myself as a proactive, open-minded, and curious person who gets out of her comfort zone and always looks for new challenges. For this reason, I moved to the Netherlands a year and a half ago.

People describe me as I caring person who likes to help others and is always willing to improve her skills and abilities.
I want to work in a dynamic and challenging environment with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. A position with development in international projects that motivates and encourages me to learn new things every day. As a creative person, teamwork brings me satisfaction. Creating and sharing new ideas allows me to learn from my colleagues as well as from diverse work methodologies.

Since I am responsible and involved in what I do, for me it is important to find fun and passion in my professional career. As an environmentally conscious person, I would like to be part of a company that shares my values and contributes to improving our planet.


Master in Environmental Engineering – University of Barcelona
Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry – University of Barcelona


  • The Challenges of the Energy Transition: Is a World Without Oil Possible? . Online course (Currently studying) – University of Chile
  • Anammox technology. Online Masterclass – TU Delft / CEW Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)
  • Climate change. Online course (1 month) – University of Chile
  • Telanto Project Challenge on Material Transformation Recycling Cigarettes Filters (90 days) – DERIVA 360/University of Barcelona

Latest workexperience

Process and chemical specialist (8 months)
– Process simulation calculations for Dynamic vapor recovery (DyVaR) technology
– Preparation, execution, and reporting of concentration and crystallization tests on
different brine samples
– Chemical consultancy for customers

Project intern (Erasmus + Internship program) (450 h)
Master thesis in the optimization of an electrocoagulation-flotation device for the treatment of toilet water onboard ships.
– Investigation and adjustment of the optimal conditions of an electrocoagulation-flotation
system for the treatment of black water generated onboard ships
– European and Dutch legislation study for the determination of the effluent quality
– Technical analysis for the characterization of wastewater parameters (chemical oxygen
demand, biological oxygen demand, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and
microorganisms, etc.)

Automation skills

Microsoft Office
Notification program INTCF
ASPEN plus
Symyx Draw
Fortran 77


Dutch spoken and written: Beginner
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language, namely: German, Spanish and Catalan



Latest work experience

Automation skills


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