Water treatment engineer, process engineer, project manager or sustainable development technologies and energies direction

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I am an easygoing, hardworking, optimistic person. I like learning, I can constantly tap my potential and dare to challenge myself. I like to think and dare to face difficulties and explore new things. I am good at communicating with others and have a good spirit of cooperation.


Master’s Degree – Wageningen University – Water Technology
Bachelor’s Degree – Avans Hogeschool – Environmental Science of Sustainable Energy and Technology


Water/Soil/Air Quality, Sustainable Energy and Analysis, Laboratory Skills, Sustainable Development, Water Treatment and Management, Environmental Chemistry, Climate Change, EU & Environmental Law and Policy Analysis, Fieldwork, Environmental Dynamic Modelling, Intercultural Communication, Spatial Planning, Project Management, GIS

Latest workingexperience

Company in the Watertechnology sector in the Netherlands
R&D internship student
2021.10 – 2022.01

Automation skills

GC, LC-MS, Spectrophotometer, PM device, (F)AAS, TGA, IR, Kjeldahl method, Nessler, Bio-Methane Potential, COD nanocolor cuvette test, MS Office Software, ArcGIS, Mathematical model (Lottka Volterra model), SuperPro, MATLAB


Dutch spoken and written: Beginner
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language, namely: Chinese



Latest work experience

Automation skills


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