Water Engineer

I am an optimistic, enthusiastic, curious, social, flexible, and self-determined person.
I am looking for an inspiring environment where I can gain and share knowledge as well as my passion for innovative technologies which can be promising and sustainable for th


In 2018 I have completed my bachelor’s studies in Environmental Engineering.

In 2019 I started my MSc degree with a major in Water Resource Engineering and Management (WAREM) at the University  in Germany where mostly I focused on sanitary engineering, the design of wastewater treatment plants, water quality, and treatment.


Sanitary Engineering, Environmental Fluid Mechanic, Integrated River Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Water and Power Supply, Environmental Chemistry and Biology, Urban Drainage and Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water Quality and Treatment, Industrial Waste Water,
Planning and Design of Water Supply Facilities, Flood Control: Evaluation and Case Studies,
Limnology & Eco hydraulics: Theory and Application, Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge,
Phosphorus Recycling Processes and the related application of the right to access environmental Information.

Latest work experience

◦ Participating in the new innovative projects in the collaboration with researchers
and students.
◦ Developing: Theoretical Scientific Knowledge and Practical Work Performance
Projects Involved:
◦ Nanofiltration through Functionalized Laminar MoS2 membranes
◦ Developing a mobile dual-medium filter for the purification and reuse of
wastewater from the cleaning of garbage containers
◦ Shortening of the start-up time of commercialized MBBR systems treating
greywater for reuse


Dutch spoken and written: Beginner
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other languages: German



Latest work experience

Automation skills


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