Remote sensing engineer, Hydrologist

Short introduction

I am working as a research assistant at a University on the application of remote sensing methods in wetlands.
My master’s project investigated inundation extent changes in Swedish wetlands. I employed a multisensor approach of SAR and optical to gather data time series and then utilize programming languages like python and batch scripting as a tool for navigating these large datasets for better monitoring of the wetlands. In the end, for classifying the pixels I took advantage of the machine learning algorithms like K-means clustering. I also worked on a project to produce a high-resolution land cover map for Southwest Ethiopia using Sentinel-2 optical data. Recently I collaborated on a manuscript which is investigated the water level changes in Swedish lakes using the D-InSAR methodology which is under
review in the Remote sensing of environment journal.


M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Climate change adaptation
Alma Mater Studiorum РUniversità di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Total GPA: 110 with honors / 110


Flood and Drought Risk Management
Advanced Hydrosystems
Applied Geomatics
Geocomputation and Machin Learning for Environmental Applications
Advanced Hydrogeodesy: Detecting water level changes by InSAR

Latest workexperience

Oktober 2021- present:
Research assistant, Department of Physical Geography at a University in Europe

Oktober 2021- present:
Project Administrator

Automation skills

Envi SARscape, ISCE, Brat
Python, MATLAB, Rstudio
ArcGis, QGIS, Google Earth Engine
Microsoft Office, Batch Scripting in Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS


Dutch spoken and written: No proficiency
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language, namely: Italian



Latest work experience

Automation skills


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