R&D/Process/Project Environmental Engineer

Currently, I am enthusiastic to find any job opportunity in either an academic position (Ph.D., scientific employee) or the R&D field in the industry. I have had already 2.5 years of lab experience (4 labs ) carrying out research projects across 3 countries, into innovative technology.


BSc. Environmental Engineering at NCHU in Taiwan
MSc. Environmental Engineering at TU Munich, Germany


Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering
Advanced Water Treatment and Anaerobic Processes
Engineered Natural Treatment Systems
Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Water Resource Recovery Process Simulation and Design
Urban Water-Energy-Food Nexus
Renewable Energy
Water quality and wastewater analysis
Environmental microbiology
Environmental biotechnology

Latest work experience

Research and Development
Bioreactor on micropollutants
Microbial degradation pathways and enzymes
Bacterial strain isolation


Dutch spoken and written: No proficiency
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other languages: German (Intermediate)

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