Process engineer

Short description about the candidate
I graduated with a Master’s degree in Urban Water and Sanitation with a specialization in Water Supply Engineering from IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, Netherland. I have completed my Bachelor’s and Diploma (engineering high school) in Civil Engineering. I have one year of valuable experience in the water industry. The majority of my responsibilities as a design engineer focused on designing rainwater harvesting systems, which gave me a realistic insight into the water industry. My first job trained me in pipe network design and understanding of multiple project aspects involved while designing. I also developed skills in equipment and material evaluation, reviewing drawings, and making technical reports. I often did site visits for learning practical engineering skills and to update site reports. Other jobs carried out during the jobs were related to the geophysical survey, project proposal, maintaining inventory, selling other water products (water filters, water saving devices, etc) administration like preparing proposals and bills.
I am an international student who graduated from a multicultural institute and have experience working within a global community. This has taught me the value of clear communication. Cross-cultural communication is a skill I believe I could provide to your company. Studying in Europe through the pandemic has proven my adaptability to change. This experience will classify me to be diverse in the Engineering field at your company. The pandemic has strengthened my teamwork skills both in person and through online platforms. As a results-driven individual, I can provide these skills within the workplace. My education and dedication to work in water and sanitation recognize me to be an appropriate candidate.
As an international graduate in the Netherlands, I will have the right to work in the Netherlands as an applicant for a “Zoekjaar” visa or search year visa and can apply for a job visa for the Netherlands. I am genuinely interested in the opportunity provided by this position and look forward to discussing this opportunity to work with your company.

MSc Urban water and sanitation

Water supply engineering

Latest workexperience
Project intern

Automation skills
MSc office, word, excel, basic python, Auto CAD.

Dutch spoken and written: Beginner
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language, namely: Hindi, Marathi, Basic Spanish

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