Paid Intern

Short introduction about yourself

I did my Bachelor’s of Science in Geography as a one-subject course at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel. During my studies at Kiel, I developed an interest in climate change research, climate change impacts and adaptation as well as mitigation measures. I have attended lectures on climate change and coastal changes caused by climate change, sea level rise and weather impacts. Through the modules, I have gained a broad insight into the causes of climate change, the impacts on already prone areas, and the socio-economic consequences of climate change. In my minor, I took the Nature Conservation and Landscape Management module, which gave me an insight into the different ecosystems, their threats and restoration.

During my masters my interest on topics about governance structures, institutional analysis, interdisciplinarity and multi-stakeholder engagement broadened. Discussions around Elinor Ostrom’s work of Governing the Commons, as well as discussions around establishing political process, water governance, inter- and trans disciplinarity and interlinkages sparked my enthusiasm. I further completed two courses focusing on individual research topics, one about how a sustainable diet could solve Egypt’s water shortage in the future and one on how Sudan can become more agriculturally smart, my interest in the topic of water, water scarcity, water conflicts and water as a common good further developed.
I finished writing my master thesis about “How did the introduction of devolution influence drought adaptation strategies in the arid-and semi-arid land areas (ASALs), Kenya?”.
My aim is to become more specialised in the topics of climate change, water scarcity and conflicts, sustainable development, their interlinkages and challenges that come with them, and learn how develop novel solutions to such problems.

With an internship I want to develop myself further in system thinking and complete better research work, and at the same time promote my skills in communicating research work, project management, and as well as evaluating new governance and societal structures. I can work as a team player, but I am also comfortable to fulfil tasks on my own. I am a friendly, open-minded person, dedicated to the tasks which are given to me, organised and passionate to overcome problems by solving them through team-based ideas.


Master of Science in Global Environmental Change and Policy


Challenges and Solutions for GEC&P
Climate Systems
Environmental Policy for GEC&P
Environmental Economics for GEC&P
Economics of Environmental Policy Instrument Design
Land Use Change and Ecosystems
Methods of Global Environmental Change
Climate Impacts & Policy
Sustainable Energy Systems
Advanced Spatial Analyses
Climate Hydrological Processes
Water Politics and Governance

Latest workexperiece (most relevant)

– Since March 2022: Tourguide
– June- November 2021: Waitress
– September – December 2020: Student assistant at a university
– January – February 2020: Warehouse Assistant
– October 2018- July 2019: Student assistant at an University

Automation skills

· Microsoft Office
· Adobe Photoshop
· Adobe InDesign
· Adobe Illustrator
· iMovie
· QGIS (Basics)


Dutch: Beginner
English: Fluent
Other, namely: German

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