Junior sustainability specialist, LCA specialist, ESG specialist, project assistant

Short introduction about yourself (max. 300 characters)

When I was a cook in a restaurant, I was a workaholic. Therefore, I have a good work ethic and a sense of responsibility for my work.

With a great passion for sustainability, I finished my study in energy transition and soil and water conservation, I have professional communication and analytical skills in renewable energy, stakeholder management, and sustainability. Additionally, I have a basic understanding of river construction using AutoCAD and Sketchup for 2D/3D modeling. Currently, I am taking an online course on Power BI and Lifecycle Assessment to optimize ESG analysis.
In short, I am good at:
1. Optimize current workflow and maximize efficiency
2. Identify obstacles and find suitable solutions for stakeholders
3. Use data to predict future trends and obstacles


Master: Energy for Society, Hanze University and Applied Sciences
Bachelor: Soil and Water Conservation, National Chung Hsing University

Latest work experience

I completed my thesis project for Ameland to analyze its bioenergy transition. The project is related to circular economy and life cycle assessment (LCA) as it combines the concepts of sewer systems and biogas production.

Over the past few months, I have submitted a strategic energy transition plan, including a life cycle assessment, short-term goals for the municipality, and requests from local parties. For example, I measure Scope 3 emissions from transportation in different scenarios. Additionally, I apply to benchmark in my research and conduct interviews with local parties to actually understand their aspirations and challenges to the status quo. Furthermore, I envision applications of the sharing economy with external and internal parties. It aims to optimize the well-being of participants through green credentials and increased social acceptance and attempts to reduce financial costs by sharing the burden.


Water conservation
mudflow prevention
landslide analysis
Reinforced Concrete analysis
Overview Energy Transition and Context
Society in Transition
Energy Technologies and Systems
Science & Research Methodology
Communication & Behaviour for the Sustainable Society
New Business Models
Building Communities
In Dialogue about Energy
Adaptive Leadership
Spatial Transformations

Automation skills

Excellent reporting, time management, analytical & communication capabilities


Dutch spoken and written: No proficiency
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language, namely: Chinese

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