Junior researcher, process engineer, lab technician

During my studies I’ve completed a number of coursework on wastewater and drinking water treatment technologies, and I have had the opportunities to apply them on my thesis project at Wetsus, and in an internship at Centre of Expertise Water (CEW). I believe these coursework and internship have given me the necessary knowledge and experience in water research.

In addition to that, I have experience in process engineering, mathematical modeling, and data analysis from my Bachelor’s studies in chemical engineering, which I found to be very useful during both my internship and thesis projects. I am also familiar with working in a chemical and biology labs, and performing analyses and measurements.

WO: Master’s in Water Technology from Wetsus

Wasterwater treatment Drinking water treatment Process engineering

Automation skills

Laatste werkervaring
Internship at a company in the Watertechnology, The Netherlands

Netherlands spoken and written: Moedertaal
English spoken and written: Moedertaal
Other language: Indonesian

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