Geospatial data analyst

Short introduction about the candidate

I am a graduate from Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente seeking full time work and research opportunities. I have 3+ years of experience in open-science publication and content writing. Through my jobs and academics, I have worked in both big and small multicultural teams which makes me an efficient team player. However, I am flexible with working independently or in teams and am always open to seeking and incorporating feedback for self-improvement.


M.Sc. Geo-information Science and Earth Observation / University of Twente Aug 2020- July 2022
• Specialization: Water resources and Environmental Management
Using spatial data for Earth Observation and GIS tools for sustainable water management solutions
• GPA- 7.35/10
• Thesis topic: ‘Electricity from saline wetlands’. Using satellite data to estimate the potential energy gain from an artificial wetland by applying the salinity gradient principle.


1) GIS & RS for Geospatial Solutions
2) Global Challenges, Local Action
3) Geospatial analysis and interpretation
4) Hydrological and Environmental Cycles
5) Principles of Modelling for Water
6) Earth Observation of Water Resources
7) In-situ Measurements for Water Resources Monitoring and Management
8) Water and Carbon Dynamics in Ecosystems
9) Python Solutions
10) Earth Observation for Wetland Monitoring and Management
11) Water, climate and cities

Latest workexperience

MSc Research Proposal and Thesis Writing
Topic – Estimation of the Potential Energy Gain Using Salinity Gradient Principle in Artificial Saline Wetlands

Automation skills

Python, ArcMap, QGIS


Dutch spoken and written: Beginner
English spoken and written: Fluent
Other language: French

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