Environmental scientist, Waste water treatment engineer, Bio process engineer

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I am a graduated MSc student of the year 2022 at UNESCO-IHE’s Delft Institute of Water Education, and this is my second master’s degree in Environmental Science and Technology, funded by a world bank scholarship. I am a motivated student among the top students with the best academic results in my program and successfully defended my thesis with a grade of 9/10. My BSc graduate degree was in irrigation engineering from Iran’s Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. Moreover, I am an MSc graduate student in water hydraulic structures at Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch of Tehran, Iran. I have over thirteen years of experience in water science, including assessing the feasibility of water projects during the first phase in areas such as water resources, meteorology, hydrology, designing pipeline transportation, wastewater unit operation, and hydraulic structures. My last work experience was an internship at Biothane (Veolia) company in Delft, Netherlands. I worked with different aerobic and anaerobic reactors to process chemical-pharmaceutical industry wastewater for my thesis. I became concerned about technological developments that harm the natural ecosystem due to my job experiences, such as designing small dams and water conveyance pipelines, and I shifted my major to environmental science. Thus, due to my strong mathematical background, the knowledge obtained from my master’s degree from IHE, and the vast anaerobic technology experience from Biothane, I am well prepared to apply environmental science research on projects. Likewise, I was challenged with treating sulphate-rich wastewater utilizing bioreactors during my thesis research. I am interested in continuing my career in a similar research field to be able complete my duty to the world, and I am eager to devote myself to this opportunity. As a member of a team, I will add value. I never give up hope, and experiments are never tedious for me to repeat until I achieve a satisfactory result with hard work


-Second MSc of Environmental science and technology from IHE Delft institute for water education , Delft, the Netherland -First MSc in water hydraulic structures from Islamic Azad University, Science and research Branch , Tehran, Iran -BSc in Agricultural engineering- irrigation from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran Courses Unit Operations in Water Treatment (Coagulation, Sedimentation, Flotation and Filtration) Latest workexperience Current work: Researcher at an institute for water education, Previous work: Intern Language Dutch spoken and written:  Beginner English spoken and written: Intermediate





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