Environmental Engineer

Short introduction

I am 26 years old and from Iran. 2 years ago I was accepted for Erasmus Mundus master program with scholarship in Environmental Engineering and Technology and could successfully finish on 16th September. I believe that I meet the requirements of the job because of the combination of my experiences, my previous education and involvement in projects, knowledge about analytical chemistry on my thesis and working with several equipments in the lab.
From the begining until now whichever role that I had, I could build up a good relationship with my colleagues and known to be a good team player while being independent as well. I adapt very quickly and I proved that I am responsible for the job given to me. I pay attention to details but I have a helicopter view as well and I have the urge to do everything in a good way and learn more. I am a fast learner and very organised which was proved in the previous internships. All of the mentioned qualities make me a good candidate for this job.
Both of my Bachelor and Master’s degrees are in Environmental Engineering field and I have the knowledge about different technologies in an industry, how to optimise processes, how to choose a product, how to solve a problem, and how to do cost analysis. I have five weeks of internship experience in Environmental engineering for proceeding a project related to anaerobic digestion plant in Uganda and I have one year experience of internship in my bachelor degree that part of it was doing consultancy to different industries in my area. Also, with experiences I gained from useful courses and projects with assignments linked to real situations in an industry already gave me a perspective of how technical issues are solved and how sustainability is applied.
For Dutch language I am already following a course and I am between A1-A2 and I will continue for ease of communication within the organisation.


Master of Environmental Engineering and Technology


Environmental process technology-wastewater treatment plant design-Modelling of wastewater treatment processes-Industrial effuluents treatment and residual management

Latest workexperience

Environmental Engineer intern

Automation skills

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel


English: Fluent

Dutch: Beginner

Other, nl.: Farsi

Netherlands spoken and written: Moedertaal
English spoken and written: Moedertaal

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