Water & Energy Tour

Apart from the traditional hydro energy plants, water can be used in other ways to create energy. Although hydro energy is not operable in the Netherlands, the abundance of water in and around the country means an infinite source of energy from water. Several pilots are carried out to turn water into energy.

On the Water and Energy Tour you will visit one of these pilot projects, situated on the national landmark “de Afsluitdijk” (enclosing dam). You will learn how mixing salted and fresh water can create energy up to 200 Megawatt, equal to 500.000 Dutch households. You will get to see the technology in action and meet the scientists who have dedicated their life to optimize this technology.

Join one of the tours and meet the people, learn about technologies and get opportunities to solve your water related issues, or the issues that one of your customers has.
At the end of the afternoon, all participants of all the tours will meet in Sneek, where we will start a network reception on a nice boat. Grap this chance to see some of the beautiful surroundings of Sneek and the Sneek lake. After this ‘after-party’ you will be returned to the WTC by coach.

Schedule Water & Energy Tour

8.00 AM              Departure transfer at WTC Expo Leeuwarden

8.30 AM              Presentation WaterCampus

9.00 AM              Tour at Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology

9.30 AM              Tour at the Water Application Centre (WAC)

10.00 AM           Departure for PlanHus (Hydraloop)

10.15 AM            Demonstration PlanHus

10.40 AM            Departure for the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

11.30 AM            Presentation Redstack

12.15 AM            Lunch

12.45 AM            Tour at the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

1.30 PM              Departure to Wetterskip/WWTP Leeuwarden

2.30 PM              Presentation Wetterskip/WWTP Leeuwarden

3.00 PM              Departure to Sneek

3.30 PM              Boat trip on the Sneekermeer, incl. networking reception

5.00 PM              Return to WTC Expo Leeuwarden


All tours will start at 8.00am (WTC) and will finish around 6.00 PM in Leeuwarden (WTC).
If you don’t stay at the WestCord WTC Hotel, you can arrange for your own transport to the WaterCampus (address: Agora 4, 8934 CJ  Leeuwarden). Please make sure you arrive in time (08.15 AM). After the tour, the coach will drop you at the WestCord WTC Hotel (address: Heliconweg 52, 8914 AT, Leeuwarden)

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