1) Precious metals and water technology

This session explores the latest development in using precious metals for water treatment and to use water treatment to recovery precious metals.


Steve van Zutphen, Italmatch:

This presentation focuses on unique water-treatment resins for the selective capture of precious metals. Resins that display extreme selectivity for platinum group metals (PGM) when filtering strong acids containing excess common (first row) transition metals and other components. This technology was developed at a start-up company called Magpie and is now growing within the multinational chemical manufacturer Italmatch Chemicals.
By taking an example of MPX-310 resin use in silver refining, this presentation will take us through the innovation process and illustrate how both listening to the customers and understanding the technology can leverage innovation from the laboratory to the market.

Adriaan W. Jeremiasse, Anodes division of Evoqua Water Technologies:
Evoqua Water Technologies offers various electrochemical technologies for water treatment, for example to separate salts from water (electrodialysis), produce ultrapure water (electrodeionization) or disinfect through in-situ production of oxidants (e.g. active chlorine). Each of these technologies makes use of Ti-based electrodes, coated with a precious metal coating. The Anodes division (MAGNETO) of Evoqua Water Technologies develops robust and effective electrodes to drive these processes. In this presentation, current status and outlook of electrodes for these, and novel electrochemical water treatment technologies are discussed.



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