WaterCampus Experience Day

The European Water Tech Week (EWTW) kicks off with an Experience Day at WaterCampus in Leeuwarden. During this opening day of the EWTW, WaterCampus will bring you a very special program! Facts and fiction are mixed together this day.

You will never look at water the same again!

Is it really true that the computers at Wetsus run on energy extracted from urine? And is that why the employees drink so much water? Does sewer water from the city of Leeuwarden flow through the Water Application Centre and are people investigating that there? One moment you are in the middle of a sketch or performance of a celebrated actor, the other moment you walk past bubbling and steaming test setups in the laboratories of Wetsus and the Water Application Centre. Or you meet the people behind the start-up companies in the WaterCampus Business Centre ‘Johannes de Doper’. One thing is certain, after this day you will never look at water the same again! Registration is not required.