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9.30 Welcome and registration

09.00 – 10.00 WaterMatch (seperate registration necessary)

10.00 – 10.45 Plenary session


Welcome: Andrew Walker, International marketing strategist & public speaker
Introduction: Cees Buisman, Executive Board Wetsus
Keynote: Overall research development of Chinese wastewater treatment and the concept plan, prof. Kaijun Wang, Tsinghua University, China

10.45 – 12.15 Parallel Sessions

Science Sessions

1) Precious metals and water technology

  • Biometallurgical recovery of metals from secondary streams, Tom Hennebel, Ghent University & Umicore, Belgium
  • Innovation in Silver Refining: industrial scale-up of a unique resin, dr. Steve van Zutphen, Italmatch Chemicals, Italy
  • Precious metal-coated electrodes for water treatment, dr. Adriaan W. Jeremiasse, Anodes division of Evoqua Water Technologies, The Netherlands
  • Selenium challenges facing industry in the coming decade, Jeffery Preece, Electric Power Research Institute, USA

2) Combatting algae blooms: how can technology and a 10 M$ prize help?

  • Driving innovation in phosphorus removal technologies, dr. Melodie Naja, Everglades Foundation, USA
  • Taking out phosphorus from the source: field pilots to remove phosphorus from agricultural drainage, Stefan Jansen, Deltares, The Netherlands
  • Bio-growth Control by Taking out Phosphorous, Koos J. Baas, Green Water Solution, USA
  • Phosphorus removal from dilute sources: promises and constraints, ir. Leon Korving, Wetsus, The Netherlands

3) Blue Battery and other green water-based energy storage solutions

  • The need of green gridscale electrical energy storage solutions, ir. Maarten van Riet, Alliander, The Netherlands
  • Blue Battery: Sustainable electrical energy storage in salinity gradients, David Vermaas, AquaBattery, The Netherlands
  • BaoBaB: European development of a water-based battery with increased energy and power density, Jan Post & dr. Michele Tedesco, Wetsus, The Netherlands

Business and Other Sessions

4) How to fund your valorization of knowledge using applied research?

  • LL4WIDE – Living Labs for Water Innovation Demonstration Exchange, dr. Jordi Moreno, Centre of Expertise Water Technology & REDstack, The Netherlands
  • The VIDA project in a nutshell, Tom Vereijken MBA, European Water Stewardship & Centre of Expertise Water Technology, The Netherlands
  • How can Bison Foundation and the TKI Topsector support you in your growth, Albert Bosma, Bison Foundation & TKI Water Technology, The Netherlands

5) Resource Recovery as a contribution of the water sector in a circular Economy

  • The economy of the future, Ingrid Zeegers, The Netherlands
  • Resource recovery as a circular economy building block, Kees Roest, KWR watercycle research institute, The Netherlands
  • ReCirc Singapore aims at joint development of resource recovery technology for circular economy, Arjen van Nieuwenhuijzen, Witteveen + Bos, The Netherlands

6) Wetskills Finals
7) Digital disruption in the water utility value chain part 2: Big data and fast data, where to start?

  • BIG data in Water Technology sector, Karel Keesman, professor “Systems Theory for Sustainability” at Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Collaborative and autonomous intelligence towards water predictive management, Gabriel Anzaldi, Director, EURECAT’s Smart Management Systems Unit, ICT4Water Cluster core Team, Spain

Closed session Selenium Summit


12.15 – 13.30 Lunch at exhibition floor


13.30- 14.00 WIS Award pitches (finals)

The 2nd round of the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation (WIS) awards will see the 5 finalists competing to persuade the expert jury that their innovation deserves to win. The yearly WIS Award organised bij Water Alliance show some great examples of new innovations. After the pitches of the WIS innovations the floor is to some important leaders of Global Water Hubs, where they will explain their role.

14.00-15.10 Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs (2nd sessions)

The global water technology sector is increasingly organized in hubs. The European Water Tech Week 2018 will connect these hubs in Leeuwarden this week.

This session will focus on how water hubs provide business opportunities for their users and partners from outside, including fellow innovators, investors, and end users from utilities and industry, and conclude with a debate on closer cooperation between the hubs.

China: Shaoxian Zhang, Jiangsu cluster
Israel: Yossi Jaacoby, Mekorot
Korea: Jinyoung Jung, Yeungnam University Daegu
Netherlands: Hein Molenkamp, WaterCampus Leeuwarden
Singapore: Han Loong Fong, PUB
USA: Dean Amhaus, Water Council Wisconsin


15.10 – 15.30 WIS Award Prize Ceremony

Prize ceremony for the winner of the prestigious WIS award in 2018.


15.30-16.00 Break and make way to parallel sessions


16.00 – 17.30 Parallel sessions


8) Digital disruption in the water utility value chain part 3: How to create a digital disruption in the water utility value chain?

  • How can water utilities benefit from digital transformation? Joan Carles Guardiola Herrero, R&D engineer, Global Omnium, Valencia, Spain
  • (Meniscus Analytics Platform, MAP) Sewer- Delivering predictive analytics of the sewer network: Showing the economic benefits of data analytics, Mike Everest MSc CEng, Managing Director, Meniscus System Ltd, UK

) Recovered cellulose: from used toilet paper to resource for the biobased economy

  • Applicability of cellulose in a circular economy, Prof. Dr. Bruce Jefferson, Cranfield Water Science Institute, UK
  • Critical comments on raw materials from sewage, Keynote speaker to be confirmed
  • House of commons debate: debate on arguments pro and contra reuse of resources from sewage water

10) Resource Recovery – Biopolymers from Wastewater to Circular economy

  • Paul Roeleveld, Royal HaskoningDHV, The Netherlands
  • Dr. João Sousa, Head of Emerging Technologies, Paques BV, The Netherlands
  • Alan Werker, PhD PEng, Wetsus, The Netherlands
  • Gijs van Hamersveld, Biomatrix, The Netherlands

11) Challenges for membrane filtration in the water market

      Moderator: Erik Roesink, NX Filtration

  • Innovations and new Applications for Tubular UF Membranes, Dr. Piotr Dlugolecki, Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH & Co. KG
  • Design strategies for Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Membranes in Water Treatment, Dr. Joris de Grooth, NX Filtration
  • One-step Reverse Osmosis – A new approach in Potable Water Production, Prof. Dr. Walter van der Meer. Oasen/UT
  • Does Nanotechnology increase the Performance of High Pressure Membranes?  Prof. Dr. Emile Cornelissen, KWR watercycle research institute

12) Climate Resilient Cities: 1001 Best Management Practices and innovations (fully booked, maximum reached)

  • ‘Sharing 1001 BMPs’, Floris Boogaard, HUAS (Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen) and Jeroen Kluck, (HvA/Tauw)
  • The largest ‘stresstest’ of the world that deals with the combination of innovative tools to address these challenges, Karel Veenemen (backup Pitrick Hornstra)
  • Innovation waterquality monitoring, innovation in climate adaptation, Rui de Lima (INDYMO) and Jenifer van Dijk (Amfibia Solutions)

13) Think big: From technological development to commercial success in energy & water

  • SeaQurrent’s TidalKite – reliable affordable and sustainable energy from low velocity tiral currents, Maurits Alberda, SeaQurrent, The Netherlands
  • SWAC/OTEC: from potential to execution, Wybe Bruinsma, Bluerise, The Netherlands
  • Harvesting methane from hydroelectric dams – opportunities ahead, Nestor Redu, The Methane Harvesting Company
  • Certifying the future of Marine Energy, Martijn Geertzen, NEN – MET certifed, The Netherlands

14) Accelerator Programs from Waterhubs

  • Mekorot. Where Every Single Drop of Water CountsYossi Yaacoby, WaTech, Israel
  • Accelerating Great Lakes Innovation, Bryan Stubbs, WEF-LIFT Water Technoloy Innovation Cluster NA focus group, USA
  • From idea to market: Business development at WaterCampus. Marco de Graaff, WaterCampus & Wetsus, The Netherlands
  • Marcia Silva, WaTA, USA
  • Bridging the Technology Readiness Gap in Separations: From Concepts to Products, mr Gudipati Chakravarthy, START Singapore 

15) Water treatment in China: present status and innovative demands

  • The overall situation of the wate treatment industry in China: the trends of technologies, products and innovations, Song Gao, Jiangsu (Yixing) Institute of Environmental Industry, China
  • The technical remands from WWTP concept, Changmin Wu, CSD Water Service Co. Ltd, China
  • Some reflections on building up the ecosystem or water technology innovation, Chunyan Chai, Dajiang Environment Corporation
  • Development of eco-friendly underground sewage treatment plant (USTP) in China, Hongtao Pang, China Water Environment Group Ltd, China
  • From green to blue, future path of water treatment, Fei Lian, GreenTech Environmental Co, Ltd, China
  • How to be successful in Chinese environmental Market? Dr. Shaoxian Zhang, Vision&Action Cleantech, China

18.00 Networking Dinner